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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

School Festivals


The Steiner School End of Year Festivals have happened over the past 24 hours.

Ruby's year and the rest of the "big school" performed some delightful music for all parents to hear, followed by a sumptuous dinner. 

As the chair of the Board of the School, Annie performed admirably with her thank you speech to the staff and students for their efforts this year.

Moses joined in with a candle-lit ceremony of his own!

Banjo's Festival (the Kindy Festival) was held today (Wednesday 10th Dec) and they had a Christmas story for us. Resplendant in his outfit, and strong of voice in the songs, he seemed to enjoy himself.

Annie and I were both realising that this next year is a big year for our household. Moses has had his last Playcare Day, spent in the pool and making gingerbread.

So next year will be Ruby in Grade 4, Banjo into the big school and Grade 1, and Moses will be joining Steiner in little Kindy.

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THEshanleys said...

Especially love the picture of Rubes with violin. One question - (Re "Moses will be joining Steiner in little Kindy"!!)