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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Photos Cape Leveque to Barn Hill Station

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Cape Leveque to Barn Hill via Broome

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Cape Leveque was generally accepted as a wonderful place with lots to see and do. Annie, the kids, Grandma and Granddad went to a spear-making activity on our second last day/afternoon, and I went fishing. We all enjoyed our activities. The photos will follow in a later post.

Packing up after 10 days of staying put was probably a bit smoother than either annie or I had anticipated. The drive back along the road to Broome seemed to take a lot longer than getting there 10 days before, and we finally renegged and allowed Harry Potter for the kids. Arrived in Broome and off to the pool for a swim.

We had 3 days in Broome, the first of which was a sad farewell to Annie's mum and dad, the grand final "draw" and then the next two days were spent either fishing, shopping or in Annie and Ruby's case, taking a camel ride along Cable Beach at sunset.

We also had two attempts at seeing the Stairway to the Moon from Town Beach in Broome and after the cloudy disappointment of the first night, managed to see the moon in all its glory and the "steps" in the mud flats on the second night.

Today we took a while to get going. We only just made it out of the camp ground in time at 9:55 am and then headed to the shops. Maybe it was the 41 degree day, or maybe we were just a bit trip lagged, but we didn't get on the road until around 2 pm after some more shopping and then finally made our 100 kms down the road to Barn Hill Station and arrived sometime just before 4 pm. Up went the Jayco, a quick bite of afternoon tea, then down to the beach to explore and watch the sunset. I think of all sunsets I have seen, the one here tonight was one of the best for length and the after glow colours were simply amazing. We had the camera and took some beautiful shots of the kids, the sunset, and the family.

We are probably going to stay here for a number of days, somewhere between 3 and 8. We have limited mobile coverage here, but we can still update the blog.

I'll put up some photos of the last 5 or so days.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moses' Shark encounter

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Moses was quite excited when Granddad caught a tiger shark. He was disappointed not to be there when Dad caught a 7 gill.

But last night, as we fished until very late under the moonlight, Moses caiught his first ever Shark!

A Black Tipped Reef Shark! What do you think Clancy?

For those who love reptiles

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Middle Lagoon and Cape Leveque Days 5,6 and 7

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The wind has still been blowing but we have managed to spend a lot of time in and around the water. We drove down to Middle Lagoon on Sunday and found a lovely lagoon, had the whole beach to ourselves and the kids and Annie had a great time snorkelling. The water was fairly clear and they could see lots of fish and other creatures on the ocean floor. There was a spot of fishing also and Harry caught a Tusk fish.
The late afternoon/evening fishing is exciting and Harry landed the Tiger shark previous, about a metre and a half. We have caught a range of fish so far, golden trevally, tusk fish, blackspot cod, red throated emperor/sweetlip, tiger and 7 gill sharks, queenfish, long toms, and there have been a few bust offs, both boys had large fish on that were either taken by sharks or cut off by the reef but the adrenalin was going strong.
There is a rough/fishing beach and a more gentle snorkelling and swimming beach here and the kids love it all.
The boys have found some young kids to play with on occasions and Ruby has spent a bit of time reading in the van or writing letters.
Helen has managed a couple of paintings so far which look great.
Dinner is usually at Helen and Harry's establishment as there is a verandah and plenty of room for all.
Having a great time and will be sad when our time here is over and we head down south for the next adventures. There are so many places here we haven't even seen that look just as spectacular as the Cape itself.

Until next time, may your news be as fun as ours,


Videos and Photos Cape Leveque and Middle Lagoon

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Moon at sunset looking towards snorkelling and swimming beach through the pandanas



Rest Area, why don't they have these on all major highways?

Come on Pete, this one is for you to find! Answer in a later blog

Looks inviting even for me!

Clam Shell

Tusk Fish

Blue Tongue

Richard and Golden Trevally

Harry fishing actively!

Banjo and lots of fish

Ruby and the Hermit Crab

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Days 3 and 4 at Cape Leveque

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Ruby with her Spanish Flag fish she caught, off beach at Cape Leveque

Kids with Golden Trevally dad caught, off beach at Cape Leveque

Grandad's Tiger Shark, off beach at Cape Leveque

Lighthouse at Cape Leveque

Hermit Crab found by Annie and Moses, Cape Leveque

The wind has come in abundance but that just meant we had to head off to other places for activities.

We have been to the Hatchery yesterday and the Pearl Farm today.

The Hatchery was fun for all with hand-feeding Barramundi and handling the various creatures of the reef a lot of fun for all.

The Pearl Farm was probably more interesting for the adults as there was a good spiel about the history of Australian Pearl Farming.

In between time, Annie, Helen and the kids went snorkelling yesterday morning, Harry and I had coffee and cake! And the fishing has become far more exciting with a tiger shark tonight caught by Harry, Ru by caught a good sized Spanish Flag last night and Banjo caught a beautiful pan-sized Golden Trevally. Both boys felt a strong fish on the end of their line tonight but as they didn't land them and it was night time we can only guess what they may be. By the morning I imagine both had huge tiger sharks! :-)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 2 at Cape Leveque

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A really scary night with the wind pounding the tree above the van, but we managed to make it through the night with the only damage being some loosened guy ropes.

An early start by the kids but the adults took a while to get going. Eventually we did and went to a Hatchery about 20 kms away and Banjo and Annie fed Barramundi by hand, and we all got to see and feel some fantastic creatures of the nearby waters.

The wind finally died down towards the end of the day and we had a nice little fishing session with the red cliffs and sunset as a truly spectacular backdrop. Harry skinned and cleaned and filleted the fish we caught and finally I managed to get in on the fish catching action.

We are hoping for a calm morning so we can do a bit of snorkellng on the nearby reefs.

As I write this I have a fruit bat making a racket above me and a gecko chirping away nearby. Anyone who was thinking about coming here should just do it. The area around the Cape is unusual and spectacular.

Movies and photos to follow.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Broome to Cape Leveque

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Had 4 nights in Broome, recharging our travel weary bodies! :-) Some fishing, and shopping and finding dinosaur footprints as well as seeing Annie's Mum and Dad, Helen and Harry. Helen's birthday last night we ate out, a rare treat.
Have now arrived at the Cape of Eden! Cape Leveque. 200 kms north of Broome. About 100 kms of dirt, but the road was better than some we have travelled, and the van stayed almost dust free except for the door, so that was good. Stopped off at Beagle Bay to see an amazing church that had lots of mother of pearl in the floor, in the lecturn, in the paintings, and the architecture was almost Spanish in design.
Arrived at Cape Leveque to a very windy reception but we are hoping it will blow itself out by tomorrow. Had a fish in the afternoon with Moses catching his first ever Queenfish. The swimming beach looks like a lagoon at a tropical island, will add photos and videos later. The fishing beach has some fantastic red cliffs, may even paint some of these.
We finally found a hat for Ruby that is to her liking and is wide-brimmed whilst in Broome. Photos to follow.
It is still hard to believe we are here, and we have so many wonderful photos and memories from the first two and a half weeks. It is lovely to be able to share some of the trip with Helen and Harry.
The car and van continue to serve us well.
Even though we are remote here, there would still be close to 75 others around the place, so not quite all alone in the north of WA but it is no surprise as even though the weather is not fantastic, the place is stunning.

More later,


Monday, September 13, 2010

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Left Fitzroy Crossing and headed up the dirt road, corrugated, and headed for Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge. The tunnel was pretty amazing with the water carving a tunnel through a limestone hill. We bravely walked through pitch black waters and made it half way to see bats and a giant tree root, then continued to the other side of the hill to a lovely little creek (I assume this is still Tunnel Creek.)

We then headed to Windjana Gorge where we finally could show the kids fresh water crocs in the wild. We also took a photo (not shown yet) or a fossilised fish, about 350 million years old.

Windjana Gorge was pretty warm so we decided as there was no place for us to swim there, that we would strike out for Broome that day rather than stay at the Gorge.

We made it through to Derby without too many adventures, and stopped at the Prison Boab Tree, I think this is supposed to be 1500 years old although I may be about 1350 years out there!.
We then continued to Broome where we met up with Annie's parents, Helen and Harry. We sauntered down to the beach after a fairly lazy day and Harry and I had a fish with no luck, but the sunset was beautiful.

Today I was up early and had a fish with some moderate success. The sunrise was again spectacular over Cable Beach.

The day was another fairly lazy one with a bit of shopping, swimming in the pool at the caravan park, and generally relaxing. Annie, Helen, Harry and the kids did go to some dinosaur footprints site in the morning.

Tomorrow is Helen's birthday so we will send the kids in when they wake for breakfast in bed! :-) Actually, we may hold them back until at least 7 am! It gets light early here, around 5.30 so the boys are generally raring to go by 6:15!

Enjoying ourselves in Broome and Cable Beach!

Oh, nearly forgot, we are camped in "Brolga Cricuit" :-) (just for you Pete!)

Camp setup at Fitzroy Crossing

Fresh Water Crocodile at Windjana Gorge

Boab Tree at the entrance of Tunnel Creek

Half way through Tunnel Creek

Bat flying in a gorge in the middle of Tunnel Creek

Giant tree root in the middle of Tunnel Creek walk

Limestone configurations, Tunnel Creek

At the other end of Tunnel Creek walk is a creek

The boys were catching fish here at the other side of the Tunnel Creek walk

Kids in front of Prison Boab Tree

Sunset, Cable Beach

Sunrise Cable Beach

Greater Egret, The Rocks, Cable Beach

Friday, September 10, 2010

Photos Kununurra to Fitzroy Crossing

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Large Perentie on Way to Fitzroy Crossing

Geikie Gorge

Willy Willy on way to Halls Creek

A stand of small boabs surrounding a large Boab on way to Halls Creek

Large Rock on way to Halls Creek

Rainbow BeeEater

Ruby and Moses in El Questro Gorge on El Questro Station

Brankos Lookout above Pentecost River

El Questro Gorge on El Questro Station

A view from a river crossing on El Questro Station

Moses with his first Barramundi caught in the Pentecost River at Branko's Hole

The Prado takes on the large rocks on the road at Explosion Gorge, El Questro Station

Explosion Gorge, El Questro Station (large croc known to be in these waters, no fishing!)

Brolgas on El Questro Station

Banjo on top of Branko's Lookout looking down to Pentecost River, El Questro Station

Yellow Tree Snake in leaves of Pandanna, El Questro Station

Ruby swimming El Questro Station waterhole

Blue-Winged Kookaburras, camp ground, El Questro Station

Mini "Bungle Bungles", just outside Kununurra (Mirima, NP)