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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bedroom Renovations

As if we don't have busy enough lives, for some reason we decided to get carpet in the 3 bedrooms. For those who have seen the carpet we had laid in the lounge room last year, it is the same carpet.
Once we had decided to go ahead and get the carpet, we also decided to repaint the ceilings and walls and doorframes of the bedrooms, again we chose the same colours as the lounge room.
Carpet comes tomorrow (Tuesday 12th May) and we finished the last of the three bedrooms today, nothing like cutting it fine! As you cvan imagine, there is furniture everywhere at the moment, as well as other belongings from the bedrooms. Annie is excited about the carpet coming, I'm excited to get the house back to some sort of order as far as the furniture is concerned!

Pics to come.

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