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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Port Samson to Exmouth via Millstream NP, Karijini NP and Tom Price

Hello Readers in the world of the Internet from Exmouth! Yes, we have come a long way. We are over 6000 kms on the trip meter.

I have done the photos a bit differently this time (smaller) so click on the small photo to make it load bigger on a new page.

We have done lots, and today has been a big day so not much writing. We continue to have a great time. Hope you enjoy the photos. Will aim to get some videos up soon.


Photos from Millstream National Park

The following are a collection of photos of our time at Karijini National Park.

Today was a "big" day. Everything about the day was big. We started off by packing up from our one night stay in Tom Price and decided to take a sneak peek at the size of some of the trucks we were about to see on our mine tour. Yes, the wheels were bigger than dad! And the truck dwarfed our car and van.

You have to wear the right equipment so we were all fitted with hard hats and safety glasses. Can you guess who wasn't impressed with the hard hat?

Next it was off to the mine. Tom Price mines Iron Ore and it was all very big and impressive.

We then set off on our big drive and saw an enormous wedge tail eagle and we almost come a cropper at an emu crossing!
We arrived at Exmouth just after dark and did our first setup in darkness which took 20 minutes from the time we backed the van in to the time we were set up. We are all very pleased with ourselves!

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