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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pemberton to Walpole

We have had more fantastic wildlife experiences over the past few days. Below is a video from a week ago while we were at the Eagle's Heritage park.

Banjo holding a Black Kite

Today we went to the Treetop Walk, which is an amazing suspended walking platform that is over 40 metres above the ground at certain points, and sways in the wind. Hopefully the following video will give you an idea of the experience we had:

We have also seen a few unusual animals, the quenda
and the brush-tailed phascigole,

as well as another snake on the road, although this one was probably injured as it didn't seem to be able to do much other than raise it's head. We were wondering what to do in such circumstances, as we both felt we should probably do something to help it, but it was gone by the time we drove back.

Walks around the campground and into Walpole occurred yesterday and then we drove part of the Big Trees Tourist drive. The Karri, Jarrah and Marri trees are very impressive and today we went to see the Tingle Trees. There is so much green Kangaroo Paw flowering at the moment that as with a few other things during the trip, makes us laugh how we screeched the car and van to a halt to stop and take photos of Kangaroo Paw a few weeks ago. We now have a growing list of "boabs" - our codeword for "seen enough of those not to get excited now" and I think we are ready to add Kangaroo Paw to the list.

2 days ago we went for a walk in Shannon National Park, and as we came to the first sign, Moses was looking curiously at the sign. "Daddy, .... does that say "Walk Trail"?" As you can imagine, the interest in reading signs has increased. I have a suspicion he may have been spurred on by Banjo's ability to read "Scones, Jam and Cream" at one of the wineries we visited! Anyway, very exciting.

The kids are very keen photographers now, and are learning the tricks of how the camera works, what makes a good photo, and with some help from Annie, have even worked out how to add audio to a photo. Moses has taken a lovely photo of a Kookaburra here at Walpole and then recorded his own version of "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree." We can only hope it doesn't create issues with Men at Work!

At the suggestion of the Shanleys, we made it to Greens Pool and Elephant rocks today. It is truly beautiful as you guys suggested, although a bit cool for a dip. The weather has been very kind to us for our trip, but we are starting to feel the cool days down in the south of Western Australia. Another place visited today, only the second one (well, 2nd that I am aware of anyway) during the trip, the first being at Broome, was a Bead Shop. The strangest place, it was a real shop but it was on a farm, and on the main highway, and when you drive in you aren't really sure if you should enter any of the buildings as there are no signs. Anyway, it was good enough to spend 45 minutes in there for some of us. I hope you have all asked Santa for an anklet or the like!

Our time seems to be slipping by rather fast now and we are finding it difficult to fit all the places we want to visit in before we set off on our very exciting adventure across the Nullarbor. In the next little while we hope to go and stay at Denmark (tomorrow), Albany, Fitzgerald River, Cape LeGrande and then back to Esperance. The more we read, the more we want to see, and the kids have been wonderful embracing all the activities we suggest.

We hope Greatie had a wonderful birthday and are thinking of Mum and Geoff, as well as both Shirley and Bob.

Until next time,


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