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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Entry into the Blogsphere October 2008

Each day/week/month, we get questions from family and firends, the main one of which relating to this type of communication, is "What have you been up to?"
Alice Springs seems to be that sort of place where there is always something happening.
So, in an attempt to keep everyone who is "net-connected" up to date, whether that be from last week or last year, our "blogspot" has been initiated.

Hope you enjoy the postings and the photos.



Anonymous said...

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Sally,Gary n Ben said...

Hi Richard and Co.
I am hoping i am one of the 1st to enter a blog but maybe not. Sally is getting groceries after our return from QLD yesterday. The pics of the sand storm look awesome. seen it here in Melb 'ONCE' in my lifetime and it's a little unnerving.
All good here. hope you are all keeping well.
Cheers. Gary

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard, sounds like a good idea. I often think I should ring but the timing is not always right. I have to confess I knew nothing about the storm until today. We were in Sydney at the time and actually didn't see much TV for the whole week. Hope the weather has settled (although I saw it was to be 38 today) and that you are enjoying the school holidays
Love Kath