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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Todd River Flows November 18, 2008

The Heavens certainly have opened up over the last little while and the Todd flowed more than I can remember seeing in the 8+ years I've been here. Scroll down to see photos from this morning.

I would like the Alice Springs newspapers to lead with a story heading something like:

The evening the Rain brought the town together and washed away their troubles, if only for one day. It really was amazing to watch not only the river, but the amount of people down by the river. There were traffic jams, kids and dogs frollicking around and people set up with deck chairs to watch the river flow as the sun set.


The below show some of Annie's photos from this morning. As you can see, the river area looks beauitfully washed but the river level has decreased significantly overnight

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THEshanleys said...

Great piks you guys - really enjoyed seeing the kids have their first experience of the river really flowing (Including the big kids!).
I was hoping (read "praying"!!) that we were going to get some great video footage of a car veering off the road & into a swollen river - damn!!!