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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What the Farthing Warings have been doing

As per usual life in Alice Springs is very busy.

The soccer season finished, only to be followed by swimming lessons for Ruby and Banjo. Ruby continues to go to Gymnastics each Wednesday night, and Banjo has started Under 9s cricket. I have become the cricket coach for his team and we are recruiting quite a few of the soccer team. I am about to re-launch my non-illustrious cricketing career in the C-Grade this weekend, my one hope is to still be able to walk the next day!

Annie helped with a Beanie Festival presentation at the Art at the Heart conference held a few weeks ago. She is busy with the presidency of the Steiner School Council. There are quite a few new buildings now out at the school so I'll take some photos and upload them in the next few weeks. She is also having some small wins at Hetti Perkins and seems to really enjoy the work, despite always wanting to be able to do more.

Both Banjo and Ruby seem to be enjoying school and have had positive feedback in the parent teacher/class meetings.

Moses continues on his merry way. His week consists of spending Monday at his friend Clancy's place, Tuesday is PlayCare, Wednesday is spent with Annie and Clancy at our house (or out and about), Thursday is spent in Family Day Care at Wendy's and then Friday mornings (before banjo gets home at lunch) is spent with Annie.

After a long haul of exciting events, hopefully there will be a slight lull before the Christmas celebratory events take place.

The main exciting development in town has been the opening of our very own Target store. Could have more in it, but it is a welcome change to the vacant shelves at KMart we have been confronted with over the past 12 months or so.

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