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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Family update April 21st 2009

An actual blog this time, photos to follow!
We start with some sad news - Joe Gitson, Moses' friend, who had disappeared and the parents had almost forgotten his name, apparently "died" according to Moses. Very sad indeed as Joe was the person who seemed to do all the bad things around the house. We never actually saw poor Joe, but he was a mischievious little imp, and Moses assured us, in great earnest, that Joe was the one to kick the footy on the roof, or empty the wading pool onto the verandah. We feel sad that this part of Moses' life has seemingly finished, now it seems Clancy (Ray Hoy) is the culprit for all those things that happen!
On a brighter note, Ruby played her first competitive game of netball last saturday and shot her first goal! She had spent the previous weekend in a 3 morning intensive and that seemed to lift her confidence and sense of fun. Mum is very proud!
Moses played his first ever game of soccer for the Stormbirds Under 6s on the same day. annie said he seemed to be a little bit lost on the field but he told me later he scored lots of goals (just wondered if Joe had helped him with some of these!)
Banjo also played his first game for the season in Under 7s Stormbirds soccer team. Coaching seemed to start a bit easier this year to last year and all players from last year have returned as well as a few extras. I think there are 13 on the list! We only have 5 on the field at once so that should be interesting when all turn up.
We have been contemplating moving from our house in Walker St and Annie spends a lot of time talking with Real Estate agents, banks etc. I couldn't complain she hasn't researched this endeavour.
I've been travelling a bit already since Easter (Darwin, Tennant creek) and will continue to travel frequently with work over the next few months.
that's probably enough of the writing, the photos to come.

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THEshanleys said...

I can't remember Joe ever visiting Melbourne!