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Monday, November 8, 2010

Some Trip "isms"

We have been away for a while now and along the way we have had a few little moments of mirth. The following is a short collection of statements and sayings by the kids mainly. M is for Moses, B for Banjo, A for Annie:
A: Moses are you looking at the termite mounds?"
M: No (crossly) I'm looking at the ant hills!

B: I never knew my arm would feel so heavy (after taking his cast off)

B: That fish got caught when it went after my squid's testicles! (tentacles)

A: What do you think that is in the distance kids?
M: It's a perch
A: What's a perch?
M: Where people go and talk to God.
(this was coming into Port Hedland and I don't think we ever found out what the building was, but it looked like a very high holding tank of some sort)

B: It's a ... a ... gunfish (trigger fish)

M: Do earthquakes make a salami wave? (tsunami)

B: It's a picfic gull (pacific)

B: It's a grunny's eagle (Gurney's Eagle)

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THEshanleys said...

more material for grand-dad to pass on about his crazy but loveable grandkids!

Now i'm just making a word doc of the posts with aim of printing it off for the kids to read at bedtime (copy & paste each entry inc pictures, page break b/n etc, etc).......i'm up to 87 pages.