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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Days 3 and 4 at Cape Leveque

Ruby with her Spanish Flag fish she caught, off beach at Cape Leveque

Kids with Golden Trevally dad caught, off beach at Cape Leveque

Grandad's Tiger Shark, off beach at Cape Leveque

Lighthouse at Cape Leveque

Hermit Crab found by Annie and Moses, Cape Leveque

The wind has come in abundance but that just meant we had to head off to other places for activities.

We have been to the Hatchery yesterday and the Pearl Farm today.

The Hatchery was fun for all with hand-feeding Barramundi and handling the various creatures of the reef a lot of fun for all.

The Pearl Farm was probably more interesting for the adults as there was a good spiel about the history of Australian Pearl Farming.

In between time, Annie, Helen and the kids went snorkelling yesterday morning, Harry and I had coffee and cake! And the fishing has become far more exciting with a tiger shark tonight caught by Harry, Ru by caught a good sized Spanish Flag last night and Banjo caught a beautiful pan-sized Golden Trevally. Both boys felt a strong fish on the end of their line tonight but as they didn't land them and it was night time we can only guess what they may be. By the morning I imagine both had huge tiger sharks! :-)


THEshanleys said...

Well done Ruby Banjo and Moses for the big fish you are all catching. I bet Richard wants to move to Broome for the fishing. We are all very envious of your holiday so we had a night at Cowes on the weekend where we lit a fire, had a bike ride and then went out for afternoon tea. Possum loved it but he was very tired after the bike ride Love PKTHE.

THEshanleys said...

How big is the shark? What did you do with it? Did you eat it? from Tom

Is there a picture of Banjo's fish?

THEshanleys said...

Pete also likes the "lighthouse at Cape leveque" pik


ray hoys said...

Charlie thinks its so unfair that you guys are having so much fun and not going to school!!!! He asked if you guys are still keeping your journals. The tiger shark is very impressive, I'd also like to know how it tasted. We are wondering if the kids ever take their swimmers off???
Missing you all.