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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cape Leveque to Barn Hill via Broome

Cape Leveque was generally accepted as a wonderful place with lots to see and do. Annie, the kids, Grandma and Granddad went to a spear-making activity on our second last day/afternoon, and I went fishing. We all enjoyed our activities. The photos will follow in a later post.

Packing up after 10 days of staying put was probably a bit smoother than either annie or I had anticipated. The drive back along the road to Broome seemed to take a lot longer than getting there 10 days before, and we finally renegged and allowed Harry Potter for the kids. Arrived in Broome and off to the pool for a swim.

We had 3 days in Broome, the first of which was a sad farewell to Annie's mum and dad, the grand final "draw" and then the next two days were spent either fishing, shopping or in Annie and Ruby's case, taking a camel ride along Cable Beach at sunset.

We also had two attempts at seeing the Stairway to the Moon from Town Beach in Broome and after the cloudy disappointment of the first night, managed to see the moon in all its glory and the "steps" in the mud flats on the second night.

Today we took a while to get going. We only just made it out of the camp ground in time at 9:55 am and then headed to the shops. Maybe it was the 41 degree day, or maybe we were just a bit trip lagged, but we didn't get on the road until around 2 pm after some more shopping and then finally made our 100 kms down the road to Barn Hill Station and arrived sometime just before 4 pm. Up went the Jayco, a quick bite of afternoon tea, then down to the beach to explore and watch the sunset. I think of all sunsets I have seen, the one here tonight was one of the best for length and the after glow colours were simply amazing. We had the camera and took some beautiful shots of the kids, the sunset, and the family.

We are probably going to stay here for a number of days, somewhere between 3 and 8. We have limited mobile coverage here, but we can still update the blog.

I'll put up some photos of the last 5 or so days.


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