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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Greetings from Kununurra, WA. Today was Banjo's birthday and we had a great wildlife experience by visiting the Crocodile Farm at Wyndham and then Parry's Lagoon about 20 kms south of Wyndham. A lot of photos taken of crocodiles and a few videos. the birdlife at Parry's Lagoon was spectacular, our first Brolga for instance. We have also had a few close encounters with large Goannas, haven't had a chance to find out what sort yet. I hope to have a section for our twitching efforts soon.
It is very warm here as it was in Katherine/Nitmiluk but we are all drinking lots of water and generally coping. The nights are awful to start with but cool down below 30 degrees by midnight, then drop another 5 - 10 degrees in the early hours.
I'll post up some photos and videos when I finish this.

Off to Lake Argyle and the El Questro Station in the next few days, then head across to Broome via the bitumen (not the Gibb River Road as we had originally intended).

Hope you enjoy the videos and photos.



THEshanleys said...

Hey Rich, thanks for the updates - I'll make sure everyone's following your progress. I'd love to see a brolga. I reckon i have childhood memories of seeing them in western vic (but this may be wishful thinking)!

Loved seeing the car leaving Walker St but would have preferred the cameraperson to have to run after the vehicle driven away hilariously by the practical joker.

Safe travelling! Love PKTHE.

THEshanleys said...

What did the crocodile say to Banjo after lunch?

Happy BURPthday Banjo!!!