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Friday, September 10, 2010

Fitzroy Crossing and the Kimberleys

Hello All,

We are all starting to get into the swing of the holiday. The setting up and pulling down of the Jayco is becoming smoother and taking less time which means we have more time to do other things.

We stayed at Kununurra for a few days, went to a market which was small but interesting, went to the "mini" Bungle Bungles, too late to remember the name of it Mirima or something similar, as well as going to the crossing of he Ord River, watching people "surf" on the back of cars holding the bumper bar as the car drove across the crossing, went to the dam wall, very impressive, and spent the day up at Wyndham going to the croc farm and the lookout where 5 rivers flow into the Gulf. We stopped at a place called Parry's Lagoon, Pete, you would have loved it, had a little bird watching hutch and the birdlife was pretty fantastic in and around the lagoon.

The next trip was to go to Lake Argyle and we had our first fishing experience for the trip. Each of the kids at least caught a fish, even if they were catfish. It was stinking hot and we only lasted about 45 minutes, then back into Kununurra for a small shopping trip and then off to El Questro Station.

It is generally agreed this has been the nicest places we have been to. The campsite was nice and the gorges around the Station, or "wilderness Park" were spectacular, photos to follow at a later date. The animal and birdlife was once again quite prolific, with encounters with a few snakes, large goannas and fortunately no crocs.
We also had our second fishing trip here and again, all the kids caught fish, the highlight being Moses' first ever Barramundi (although he swears he has caught them before!). Unfortunately it was only 45 cms and we couldn't keep it, which caused a few tears, but he accepted it pretty well.

We noticed that we had lost one of the plugs connected to the Jayco and so rather than head down the Gibb River Rd further which we thought was now preferable, we decided it was more prudent to head back to Kununurra for some spares.
We headed down the bitumen towards Halls Creek and after a delightful 3 night stay at El Questro, HC just didn't stack up.
We left HC this morning fairly early and drove on to where we are now, Fitzroy Crossing. We spent the afternoon at Geikie Gorge, which was nice but not what we were expecting.
Tomorrow we are off to Windjana Gorge for a couple of nights before heading into civilisation and Broome on Monday.
The days in the car have been spent listening to Harry Potter audio books, and we have started spelling and maths games for the kids.
The photos and videos continue to pile up so I'll only include some of the memorable photos in the next post.

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THEshanleys said...

Loving it guys! Keep it coming. Have fun with Grandma & Granddad on the cape.... & Enough already with the brolgas!!!